Saturday, January 5, 2013

California Jan. 4 & 5

We stayed in Stockton that night and headed to Los Angeles. We headed for the Citadel Outlet Mall and were very surprised to see how big and area it shared. There were Hotels, Casino and shops and the parking lot had dozens of attendants keeping the cars moving. By 2:00 it was 21C and we were happy to be warm! It was too warm to leave Gypsy in the car so I made a quick walk through half of the shops and then we left. Looking for a hotel took  some time and we ended up in a Residence Inn by Disneyland. It was way too busy there so we headed for Oceanside which is the Northern part of San Diego. Even though it was 16C and 17C, there was still a wind that ket things cool.

We are in a StayAmerica extended stay which is not on the beach. We drove inland 2 miles and found it right beside a golf course! We will stay here for 3 days and look around the area.

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