Monday, May 27, 2013

Gerri's 65th Birthday Celebration!

My friend Alana's birthday is May 14th and mine is May 10th. We have celebrated our birthdays together for almost 52 years. This year was no different and we went to the River Rock Casino Resort near Vancouver Airport. We had some dinner, some Gambling and a LOT of chatting!

We had a wonderful dinner at their Tramonto Restaurant. We each had a present for each other and they were very colourful!

After dinner came dessert. I had secretly asked for a Pavlova type dessert and here it is!

And then the waiters sang Happy Birthday to us!

And then they did not even charge us for it!!!!!!!

We went to the Casino after dinner and Alana won herself a little money. Then we went into the main lobby of the Resort and George took this picture of the Birthday Girls!

We took the Ferry home and I got my first FREE ride on BC Ferries!

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