Saturday, January 12, 2013

Palm Springs and now homeward bound

Jan. 10 in Palm Springs was very windy and cold......brr but sunny. We drove around more parts of the city and then met friends for dinner. We ate at a little place in downtown Palm Springs, called Fisherman's Grill. Good Halibut and chips! Then we wandered down the main street through a market that had closed the street for the evening. The stores were open and I bought a cute little hat (pictures later.)

Jan. 11 we drove as far as Fresno and had dinner at "Daily Grill". A good choice if you are in the area. It was below freezing last night but today the sun is still shining. We drove through a snowy area near Grapvine, CA that had been close due to snow.

Jan. 12 We head for Oregon.

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