Monday, May 9, 2011

Gerri gets Political~~~~~

I decided to campaign for our Federal Green Candidate. It was a lot of work but what a great group. We all got together and watched the Election results and saw Elizabeth May win the first Green MP seat!! What a high that was!

This past weekend I attended the AGM for the BC Green Party and had the great fortune to meet Elizabeth May! She is energetic and full of good humour. He agenda for the next 4 years is to educate as many people in Ottawa as she can. People need to know that there is another Federal Party to vote for rather than just the regular ones who lie to all of us.

Here are some pictures:
Gerri with Adrienne Carr from Vancouver

Jane Sterk, Elizabeth May, Adrienne Carr

Jane Sterk is Leader of BC Green Party;
Elizabeth May is Leader of Green Party of Canada;
Adrienne Carr was a Green Candiate in Vancouver

Many of our Green Candidates in BC

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