Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April items

We have been keeping the house up to date so that our Real Estate Agent can show it to potential buyers. There have been a dozen showings plus open houses. So far, no offers. It certainly adds some stress to our lives but we are also planning for our upcoming 3 week trip.

We will be in Kentucky for a week while the Kentucky Derby is on. We will be visiting with Cal and Ginny Carter as they plan festivities for that week!

Then we are off to Columbia, South Carolina and a visit with George's friend Gord Sims. He is anxious to tell us about and show us his wonderful State!

After that we head to Savannah, Georgia where we will celebrate 2 birthdays with a friend of George's, Bill Rodgers. His son is a chef and we will celebrate with some good Southern Cooking!

Our last stop is Ontario. We will visit George's sisters and other relatives. There will be lots of lovely dinners, fun day trips and catching up on all the news.

And I will not have to tidy the house for 3 WHOLE WEEKS!!!!!

There will be pictures of our trip once I get home to put them on the web.


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