Thursday, December 4, 2008

November visit to Parksville, BC

We rented a cottage in Parksville and did some visiting and sight-seeing. We had lunch with cousin Miranda and her husband Karel. We had a dinner with Mike, Danica, Ev (her Mum) and Robin (Ev's husband). It was great to spend time with our inlaws and get to know them a little better.

Jennifer and the boys spent a day with us and walked on the beach. The twins spent 3 days with us while we made a Gingerbread village, Christmas cards, and took Gypsy on many walks! Of course, we had to "do lunch" at the White spot!

We spent time with Mike and Danica and their dogs Emilee and Simon. Gypsy was a little shy with them but I had my lap full with Emilee! I was also kept busy throwing the ball for Simon.

Now that we are home, Xmas decorating has begun.

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